Research progress!

This is a very brief post to highlight a short summary report I wrote on a piece of my work. The project is titled, "Investigating spatial distribution and impacts of airfall deposits from the October 1974 eruptive episode of Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala", and uses a mix of stratigraphic and participatory mapping, qualitative interviews, and … Continue reading Research progress!

El otro mundo: Volcán Atitlán

A casi todos los viajeros que visitan Guatemala, suena familiar el nombre "Atitlán". El famoso Lago Atitlán es la joya en la corona de bellezas naturales de país, y ha sido conocido así por décadas. El escritor Aldous Huxley lo describió así: "(Lago de) Como, con el embellecimiento adicional de algunos volcanes inmensos. Seguramente es … Continue reading El otro mundo: Volcán Atitlán

El Principito y sus estímulos improbables

“Todas las personas grandes han sidos niños antés. (Pero pocas lo recuerdan.)”Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Uno de mis libros favoritos es El Principito. También es el primer libro que leí en español. Yo me acuerdo claramente el día en que conseguí una copia. Era 2015, acababa de llegar en Quito, y me había asignado la tarea … Continue reading El Principito y sus estímulos improbables

The Little Prince and its unlikely inspirations

“When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”C. S. Lewis One of my favourite books is The Little Prince. It's also the first book that I read in Spanish. I remember quite clearly how I came across it. I had … Continue reading The Little Prince and its unlikely inspirations

A tale of two aldeas

After a week doing fieldwork in the villages south of Fuego, my friend Beth and I discussed the importance of reflecting on our work. Beth suggested that as well as evaluating our research approaches, it would be important to write about what it feels like to be there. I thought this was a splendid idea. … Continue reading A tale of two aldeas

Legados y leyendas, y un camarón volcánico

"Fueron dos veces fuertes. Dos erupciones fuertes hubieron ... la primerita fuera la que más nos asustó. Porque no habíamos visto esa clase de erupción. Solamente ... ya estabamos acostumbrados. Yo desde cuando nací, yo creo que ya el volcán estaba haciendo erupción. Pero solo se bañaba en fuego, así, ¡que bonito el volcán! Podía … Continue reading Legados y leyendas, y un camarón volcánico

Legacy and legend, and a volcanic prawn

"There were two desperate times. Two strong eruptions ... the first was the one that most scared us. Because we had not seen this type of eruption. Only ... we were already used to it. I believe the volcano was already erupting since when I was born. But it only bathed itself in fire, just … Continue reading Legacy and legend, and a volcanic prawn

I’m oven it like that

I can't remember who first proposed we should see the ovens above Panimaché Dos. Perhaps it was my friend Arelis, before she left with Beth to speak to Doña Elena. I had chosen to stay behind, to talk with Arelis's mother, Marta, about her memories of Fuego's 1974 eruption. My ears pricked up in interest. … Continue reading I’m oven it like that