Research progress!

This is a very brief post to highlight a short summary report I wrote on a piece of my work. The project is titled, “Investigating spatial distribution and impacts of airfall deposits from the October 1974 eruptive episode of Volcán de Fuego, Guatemala“, and uses a mix of stratigraphic and participatory mapping, qualitative interviews, and archival analysis to understand the impacts of the October 1974 eruption of Fuego volcano on communities and plantations near the volcano. In this click-through link here, you can find the project and choose to follow updates.

I have been generously supported in this research by the Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust. I’m really grateful to the Trust for allowing me to explore this research thread, which has so far proved so fruitful and fathomlessly deep. The research has already produced several earlier posts on this blog, which you can read here: I’m oven it like that; Legacy, legend, and a volcanic prawn, and A tale of two aldeas.

You can find the report as a free, downloadable PDF on my ResearchGate profile here!

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