¡Bienvenido! I’m Ailsa Naismith, and this is my personal blog. I am a volcanologist based at the University of Bristol, and accordingly most of my posts are about volcanoes. I also love to write about disaster risk reduction, travel, art, Guatemala, and the experience of working in the world of research. I study natural hazards and past disasters in Central America, working somewhere in the line between physical volcanology and social science. You can read about my research here. Usually I call Bristol home, but for the winter of 2021-22 I am living in Guatemala to be closer to the volcanoes I love.

I use this blog to improve my writing skills, to communicate research in volcanology, and to connect with others working or wishing to work in science. I hope you enjoy reading the content as much as I enjoy writing it!

I update whenever I’d like to share, and hope there’s something to interest you here. Please get in touch if you’d like to talk – I welcome new friends and connections.