El Principito y sus estímulos improbables

“Todas las personas grandes han sidos niños antés. (Pero pocas lo recuerdan.)”Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Uno de mis libros favoritos es El Principito. También es el primer libro que leí en español. Yo me acuerdo claramente el día en que conseguí una copia. Era 2015, acababa de llegar en Quito, y me había asignado la tarea … Continue reading El Principito y sus estímulos improbables

The Little Prince and its unlikely inspirations

“When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”C. S. Lewis One of my favourite books is The Little Prince. It's also the first book that I read in Spanish. I remember quite clearly how I came across it. I had … Continue reading The Little Prince and its unlikely inspirations

Featured post: the “ExPhDition”

Coming to the end of a PhD is a strange event. Unlike the closure granted by the final exam and graduation party of an undergraduate degree, finishing a PhD involves a number of milestones along an interminable path: compiling the first thesis draft, receiving all your supervisors' comments, finishing your conclusions, submitting the paperwork, uploading … Continue reading Featured post: the “ExPhDition”

Twists and turning points

Do you like to write? I do. Dusty bookshelves and corners of the internet are littered with my old blog posts and half-finished journals. I was a teenage bookworm who would happily spend hours wriggling through the twists of fiction, poetry, and travel memoirs. When I started my PhD, I made the acquaintance of academic … Continue reading Twists and turning points