A Snapshot of Guatemala

This is my third blog post in 2017. I know, I know! I began the year with such good intentions: I wanted to publish once a month, and to write consistently from Guatemala. Now it is spring in Bristol, and the blossoms are already falling from the cherry trees. I returned from Guatemala over a … Continue reading A Snapshot of Guatemala

A volcanologist is for life, not just for crises

Note - I begin each year with a plan; with a resolve that dissolves by the middle of Jan. My New Year’s Resolution is to have fewer resolutions. My other resolutions are also good. One of them is to write more frequently. I hope you enjoy this new blog and its contents! I recently returned … Continue reading A volcanologist is for life, not just for crises

Mexico No.2: The First Two Weeks

February 11th to February 25th, 2016I love volcanoes. The power, the raw energy, the scale: the reason I came to the Americas. However, the only Reasoning with Volcanoes I did during the first weeks of 2016 was waving to the distant, snow-covered Nevado del Ruiz from the streets of Manizales.I'm happy to say that I have now returned … Continue reading Mexico No.2: The First Two Weeks