Research Languages: blog feature!

I’m really proud to say that I recently had a blog post published on another site. The site, DoctoralWriting SIG, is a forum for discussion of higher education writing. It’s not only for PhD students and researchers, but anyone interested in sharing knowledge and talking about issues associated with academic writing. Recent blog posts have included journal keeping and writing ethics applications.

I originally wrote my post for publication on another blog, Thesis Whisperer. Thesis Whisperer is dedicated to the subject of doing a PhD and completing a dissertation. I have followed Thesis Whisperer since the beginning of my PhD; it was likely the ‘gateway blog’ that introduced me to several other online communities where academics from countries all over the world come together to talk about work. It’s safe to say safe to say these communities have hugely shaped my thinking in several important issues – I thought it would only be fair to contribute in turn!

I didn’t eventually publish on Thesis Whisperer, but was recommended DoctoralWriting SIG as an alternative platform. I have had a very positive experience in collaborating with all four of the blog’s instigators, and am really pleased to be able to share the post with you. Would highly recommend DoctoralWriting SIG for a skim, or if you are in the position to do so – contribute something yourself!

You can find my post here, or by copying this URL into a new tab:

Happy reading!


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