For any and all erstwhile readers of the blog, I’d like to provide a little update.

I realize that since my last post there’s been radio silence on my end with photos, blog posts, and tweets. Everything is fine! I’ve left Ecuador and have just finished celebrating Christmas with friends and family in Bogota, Colombia.

The next part of my journey consists of backpacking through the country with a light backpack, so I’m of course not taking my laptop! This means that the nature of my blog will be changing. I can’t upload photos at the moment, and am reliant on intermittent wifi, so posts will likely be shorter and more sporadic, and photos and sketches will be via Instagram and Twitter. I’m keeping a full sketchbook as I travel, and when normal service resumes, I’ll upload some of my work from on the road.

I’m going to be back in Bogota in mid-February, where I’ll rejoin my laptop and start regularly blogging again with long posts and pictures. I hope to celebrate the return with a virtual tour of street art in the capital!

Hasta luego (por el momento),

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