Microadventure: January

"How often have I lain beneath rain on a strange roof, thinking of home." - William Faulkner It's still vivid in my mind, although it's one of my more faded travel memories. I was lying beneath a fan in a soft white room, listening to the gentle whop of the blades as they cut through … Continue reading Microadventure: January

Edinburgh is for life, not just for August

How do you love Edinburgh? I love it like this: in its past and its present glory, in fair weather and in foul. The city stands frozen in time by bleak winds that through countless winters have stripped it to its bare bones; yet even in nakedness Edinburgh retains its dignity. Discover the exposed Samson's … Continue reading Edinburgh is for life, not just for August

Don’t Worry About Me/Sabor A Mi

I touched down on Tuesday afternoon. Through the haze of glass and jet-lag, to my right I could see my first views of the United Kingdom in 2016. There were busses and grey skies, Stand on the left and Left baggage. With the familiar was juxtaposed the strange, or strangely familiar. Why was everyone so pale, … Continue reading Don’t Worry About Me/Sabor A Mi